Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bored as all get out.

So, I was VERY bored last night while playing around on a website called 'Polyvore' (good time waster). I was looking for certain pictures to add to the set I was making and I came across these two sites. I thought they looked pretty good and when actually went to the site I was glad I did.

The first site has some pretty cool photos on it. You have to look at the watermelon art. I know, totally random. I saw it and though what in the world.... Then I looked at it. It's sooooo freaking cool.
The second site has some of the most beautiful, not to mention, breath taking photos I've seen. Definitely worth looking at.

Any ways, As bored as I might still be I have to get on with life. Study time. (blah)


  1. Hi Asha. Quick note to say I opened up my blog to followers
    (you asked me to let you know if I ever did that)
    Glad to see you're still devoting your blog to drawings also. Best from Canada...Sheldon

  2. That's awesome. Thank you for letting me know.