Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fishy Fishy

hehe. I never get sick of saying, "Fishy Fishy." It always makes me smile.
Any way, This is my “Singing Fish with Toothpaste.” I did this one a few months ago.
I was very bored one night and couldn't think of something to draw. So I messaged a very good friend of mine and asked him what I should draw. First he replied, “A naked pine nut.” I thought about it and tried some quick sketches. It didn't work. I sent another message to him and he replied, “A singing fish with toothpaste.” I thought about it, then did some random basic drawings and came up with this.
I have called it “The Vision” That is why there is no reflection or shadow from the fish.
I'm rather proud of this picture. I used my graphite pencils. (LOVE those pencils). When I actually got around to it, it took about a week or two to complete. Mainly cause I was only able to work on it at night before bed. It's an A4 size picture. I totally love it.
So this is it. “The Vision”
Dedicated to Matt Seychell. xox


  1. this is nice, I like the detail you've gone to the trouble to post.

  2. This is One trippy drawing, u cud make it into a painting with colour and everything, wud make it even crazier!

    One funny friend u got there!;)

  3. Hi Asha. Great drawing - the fishy fishy! It's got a primitive style with a lot of humour - my favourite style. I see that you are following my site DRAWING ON THE MOMENT which I just started here in Montreal. Since it's under construction and I'm not sure even if I'm going to continue with it right now I decided to block the 'follower' option. So, nothing personal. Just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the site. In any case, nice work with your blog. Best of luck with it. Thanks for visiting my site - S.C.