Sunday, May 3, 2009

Colours of the... Mini Easter Egg Wrappers?

Yep. That's right. Mini egg wrappers. For a couple years now i've been collecting them. I fold them over a few times (colour side showing) and put them in a bag. (yeah, i'm so not lame) Sadly, by accident I got rid of a good lot of them. But I started again. Why? you ask... “Because of the colours.” I love the colours. They are bright. And they remind me of the sky and forest. And most importantly, inspire me. There have been quiet a few pictures that have been inspired by them. This is one of them: The Butterflies.

I started it one Easter. It took a couple weeks to complete. For this I wanted to do something that reflected the colours but also a sunset. (the colours are deffinately stronger in life then photo). And this, my friends, is why I began keeping them.

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  1. that's beautifully reminiscent of the wrappers, Ash. I love it!